TCSAA is a voluntary multi-stakeholder CSA platform open to government ministries, departments and agencies; international, regional and national NGOs; civil society organizations, research institutions, academia, farmers’ organizations and private sector that subscribe to its Vision and the Charter.

Membership is open to state institutions, local and international Non-Governmental Organisations working in agriculture climate change relate issues and located in Tanzania.

Share their programmes and activities including relevant reports on CSA with the Alliance and provide periodic updates in support of wider knowledge and experience sharing on CSA in Tanzania as well as contribute in kind or cash to support the goals and objectives of the Alliance.

Works through Thematic Working Groups to Promote CSA best practices, knowledge management and learning among stakeholders.

Through transformational CSA partnerships that enhance resource mobilisation and increased investments in CSA.

Foster transformational partnerships through public private partnerships (PPPs) and such other acceptable arrangements that may be put in place from time to time.