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Tanzania farmers winning against climate changeIITA trains tutors on climate-smart agriculture for sustainable food security in Tanzania
Farmers embrace climate-smart agriculture in TanzaniaBuilding media capacity on reporting climate-smart agriculture in Tanzania
Project supports Climate-Smart Agriculture (CSA) teaching in agricultural training institutes in TanzaniaUS Government supports training on climate-smart agriculture for local government planners in Tanzania
How to build a vibrant, sustainable sub-national climate-smart agriculture alliance: lessons from district CSA alliances in Tanzania

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Renwick et al 2020: Maize-Pigeonpea Intercropping Outperforms Monocultures Under Drought.


Hafner et al. 2020. Efficiency of Three-Stone Fire and Improved Cooking Stoves using on-farm and off-farm fuels in semi-arid Tanzania.


Nowak A. 2020: For many smallholder farmers in Tanzania, money and technology are not the only barriers to climate change adaptation.


Kurgat et al. 2020. Adoption of Climate-Smart Agriculture Technologies in Tanzania. 


Gamba et al. 2020. Effects of Climate Smart Agricultural practices and Planting Dates on Maize Growth and Nutrient Uptake in Semi-Arid Tanzania.


Swamila, M., Philip, D., Akyoo, A.M., Sieber, S., Bekunda, M., and Kimaro, A.A. 2020. Gliricidia Agroforestry Technology Adoption Potential in Selected Dryland Areas of Dodoma Region, Tanzania. 


Kimaro et al. 2019: Understanding the Multidimensionality of Climate-Smartness: Examples from Agroforestry in Tanzania.





    Decentralised Climate Finance Project

    The Decentralised Climate Finance project launched in 2016 is a 5-year project aiming at facilitating investments in improving responses to climate change across 15 test districts (Monduli, Ngorongoro, Longido, Kondoa, Manyoni, Bahi, Mpwapwa, Kiteto, Same, Simanjiro, Kilwa, Siha, Mbulu, Iramba and Pangani) in mainland Tanzania and 3 districts in Zanzibar (Mcheweni, Unguja Kaskazini, Unguja Kusini).

  • CARE

    Mitigation of Climate Change in Agriculture (MICCA)

    From 2011 to 2014, in the Uluguru Mountains, the MICCA’s pilot project which combined conservation agriculture with agroforestry was carried out by FAO and partners  under the CARE International’s Hillside Conservation Agriculture Project (HICAP). The project integrated soil and water conservation and zero tillage practices into smallholder farm management. The project

  • DFID


    VUNA is a DFID-funded 3-year regional Climate Smart Agriculture programme, implemented by Adam Smith International in 5 countries in East and Southern Africa. The name VUNA means “harvest” in many languages in East and Southern Africa including Tanzania. In Tanzania VUNA works with government, private sector companies and regional organisations

  • USDA

    Building Capacity for Resilient Food Security Project in Tanzania

    The Building Capacity for Resilient Food Security Project in Tanzania is a three years (2017-2019) project funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) in partnership with the United Republic of Tanzania, including the Ministry of Agriculture (MoA), Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries Development (MLFD), Ministry of Agriculture,